2021-08-06, 16:45–17:15, Main Track

Commercial SIEMs are expensive, inflexible and risk a vendor lock-in. At Cloudflare, we built a SIEM using a Serverless architecture that provides scalability and flexibility to perform various Detection and Response functions. We will discuss this architecture and how it can be built upon to solve many Security problems, in a true pay-as-you-use model after 2 years of use handling Cloudflare’s data.

A SIEM is pivotal to a Threat Detection and Incident Response function. But, commercial SIEMs are expensive both in terms of cost of usage and maintenance, and risk a vendor lock-in. At Cloudflare, we build a SIEM to manage logs from 200+ data centers, 2000s endpoints and our corporate networks. The SIEM is built using a Serverless architecture in GCP that scales up and down based on usage, for a true pay-as-you-go model. It provides multiple data processing and analyzing paradigms that enable various D&R workflows. In this talk, we will discuss the motivation, constraints and the SIEM architecture. We’ll also dive into our logging pipeline, detection, automation and notification workflows using this SIEM.

A security engineer at Cloudflare focuses on Detection and Response. Chen holds a Master of Science degree in Security Informatics from Johns Hopkins University and has been in the security industry for about 4 years now. He enjoys sharing & learning good practices in the industry and currently working on finding a reliable, scalable and cheap way for log collection and alerting.