Uncomfortable Networking
2021-08-07, 15:45–16:45, Main Track

There is so much networking architecture we do in the name of security which ultimately just gets in the way of so many thing. Learn about things to simplify your network design and reduce your management overhead while maintaining or increasing your security posture.

When it comes to security, networking can be your first line of defense, but it shouldn't be your only, and it shouldn't add complexity and management overhead to your system. There are ways to keep the network design simple while also keeping resources secure.

Come and hear from a security and usability focused network engineer about the things we do to our network architectures and design in the name of security but ultimately create large amounts of complexity, management overhead, and the need to redesign constantly.

Charles is currently a network engineer with Deft. He has a background in network engineering, programming, information security, usability, and linux systems administration. He likes to ensure things are secure, usable, and users are informed.