BTV Presents: Malware Station - Maldoc Workshop
2021-08-07, 11:00–12:30, Workshops Track 2

BTV Presents: Malware Station - Maldoc Workshop

This workshop covers an overview of maldoc analysis, a demo, and a hands-on section that takes a deep dive into a malicious Excel document. VM, artifact, and guide will be available for attendees to download and follow along. Breaks will be taken after each section to give attendees time to work through the section and ask questions.

Attendees will be exposed to a number of different tools including...

  • REMnux
  • DnSpy
  • oletools
  • CyberChef
  • xlmdeobfuscator
  • shell2exe
  • EXCELntDonut
  • Invoke-Obfuscation

Target audience

  • SOC analysts
  • Forensic investigators and junior malware analysts
  • Red team/pen testers
  • Anyone interested in the topic

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