BTV Presents: Threat Report Roulette
2021-08-08, 10:00–11:00, Main Track

Follow along as we spin the Threat Report Roulette Wheel and provide rapid fire responses to how we would create actionable takeaways from the publicly available, TLP: White Threat Reports. Pick up some tips and tricks to up your game!
Check out our Github with links to the reports:

Threat Report Roulette will not discuss normal (BAU) CTI actions, such as searching the logs for hits on the IOCs or entering the IOCs into a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) or other alerting platform. Instead, the participants will focus on pivoting, TTPs, and how they would take the contents in the Threat Report to the NEXT LEVEL! When the Panelists respond to the threat reports, they are operating under the assumption that they performed the preliminary analysis and deemed the threat report relevant to their environment. The purpose of this assumption is to decrease the amount of debate on whether or not something is relevant to get to the part of the analysis that involves extracting actionable takeaways.

  • Spin the Threat Report Roulette Wheel - Link
  • Moderator calls on Participant.
  • Participant is in the Hot Seat:
    • 15 seconds to organize their thoughts.
    • 1-5 minutes to share their thoughts on how they would get value out of the report.
  • Panelists' input:
    • 3-5 minutes to share their insights as a group. Quick commentary that is short, sweet, rapid-fire, direct, and to the point!
  • Rinse & Repeat!
    Check out our Github with links to the reports:

Xena Olsen, @ch33r10, is a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst at a Fortune 500 Company. She is a graduate of SANS Women’s Academy with eight GIAC certifications, an MBA in IT management, and a doctoral student in cybersecurity at Marymount University.

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Jorge Orchilles is the Chief Technology Officer of SCYTHE, co-creator of the C2 Matrix project, and author of the Purple Team Exercise Framework. He is a SANS Certified Instructor and the author of Security 564: Red Team Exercises and Adversary Emulation.

Christopher Russell is the Head of Information Security for tZERO Group Inc. He has a Masters Degree in Cybersecurity and numerous certifications and experience in cloud security, endpoint detection and response, SIEM and blockchain. He is a combat Veteran of the US Army, where he was a human intelligence (HUMINT) collector who graduated from the Defense Language Institute, for Arabic.

Danny Henderson Jr. is a USAF veteran who is now an expat working as a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst at SecureWorks in Romania. He is a graduate of Capitol Technology University with MSc in Cyber and Information Security, six GIAC certifications in DFIR and Offensive Security.

Karan Aditya Ghoshal is a CTI Analyst at a Big Four cybersecurity firm. He is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering at Manav Rachna University.

Ricky Banda is a Incident Commander for the Amazon Security Incident Response Team. He is a SANS MSISE Graduate Student, with over a dozen industry certifications and featured author in Tribe of Hackers: Blue Team Edition. He has over a decade of experience in Security Operations and Incident Response working in both Public and Private sectors.

Will Thomas is a security researcher at Cyjax, a UK-based Cyber Threat Intelligence vendor. In his spare time, he offers his OSINT skills to work missing persons cases with the NCPTF and is a board member of the Curated Intelligence trust group. Will graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Computer and Information Security from the University of Plymouth.

The Blind Hacker is an InfoSec enthusiast, mentor, coach, pentester, hacker, and more. He regularly mentors online through streams and online communities. He frequently volunteers time on workplace development for others, gives resume reviews, job advice, and coaches people into the roles they want with mock interviews. As a person with a disability, or who is differently-abled, he has never let it slow him down.